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Homework for week of September 22

TimeSept. 22, 2012

to:All Students

Here is this week's homework assignment:

-  Get ALL materials.  Textbook, bible etc.  (see class syllabus for details)

-  September prayers (due no later than next saturday)

-  Parent Letter/Information sheet  (Have parents read front sheet and complete 2nd

                                                           sheet to bring into class Saturday September 29th.)

-  Create ThinkWave account (should already be done)

-  Read Chapter 1 and review Class Syllabus

-  Attend Sunday's Mass and pay attention to Sunday's Readings (lecturas),

   Gospel (evangelio), and Father's Homily (homilia).  We will be discussing in class.


Feel free to e-mail me about any questions you may have regarding the homework.  Remember, make this year a great year and stay on track.  Once again, I am very glad to have you all in my class and look forward to a great year with you all.