Multiplication Facts-0-12

to:All Students

Time Jan. 06, 2013


It is now crunch must know the multiplication facts 0-12.  Please practice your multiplication facts every day until you can rapidly recall them without thinking about it.  It is soooo important that you learn and memorize your multiplication facts NOW...there is no easy way, you just have to practice them daily.  Make this priority #1 each night.  Do this consistently and I promise one day soon you will just know them!!  Multiplication is a step used in most of our math concepts in fourth and fifth grade...making it very difficult and frustrating for those students that still need to use a multiplication chart to help them figure out that step before going on to complete the rest of the problem.  It doesn't have to be a torturous feat...make it fun...practice on car rides, walks, bike rides...any time you have a spare 15 minutes or so.  Throw out a few facts at the grocery store or at extra curricular activities.  Don't make it stressful, but do stress the importance of memorizing the multiplication facts.

Parents, this is imperative to help ensure your child's success in math.

Thank you for your cooperation and support,

With appreciation,

Mrs. Monique

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