from:Justis, Helen

to:US History 8

Time Aug. 16, 2012

Here is your Homework for the month of August.  You also have this on a handout and written in your planner.  There are no excuses for not knowing what homework you have!


I hope this helps you to succeed.


8-16:  Write a one page story of an Indian Youth from the Mayan, Aztec, or Inca Tribe

8-17: Section Review P 5 1-5 if not completed in class

8-20: Section Review P 9 1-5 and Comp. question for homework

8-21:  Section Review P. 12 Questions 1-4 and Comp ?

8-22 Study for TEST TOMORROW!

8-23 No Homework!

8-24:  No Homework!

8-27: Section Review P.24 Questions 1-7 and Comp. ?

8-28:  Answer this question:  Why did the Puritans prosper?  Use the following verses to support your answer:  Proverbs 12:24; 13:11 and 21:25

8-29 No Homework

8-30  Section Review P 32 1-6 and Comp?

8-31  Test on Tuesday.  Review notes and book over the long weekend.  Use the Chapter Review to study from.  Test will be Open Book.  This does not mean it is easy.  It means be familiar with the material so you can find answers quickly if you don't remember the answer!

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