Missing Assignments


to:All Students

Time Oct. 15, 2011

Students and Parents,


Missing Assignments are always an issue with the school.  SOME students never do their assignments.  Starting this quarter, for each missing assignemnt a detention and tutoring will be assigned.  Tutoring will be from 6:50-7:35 in the mornings, please be on time to NOT get another detention or tutoring week.  Tutoring lasts for one week when assigned and also happens when grade falls below an 80%.  Detentions are at the same time everyday from 6:50-7:30 in the mornings some people will be assinged after-school detentions that run from 3:10-4:00 in the Upper School Auditorim.  If you don't show up for detentions, ISS is given each time detention is skipped. 

Also, please be checking your students grades, folders, and backpacks for zeros (0s), missing assignments, detention referals, and tutoring referals.  Everything will run a lot smoother if this takes place.  Thank you for your participation and attendance so far.


Thank you,

Chad Stearns

Dean of the Upper School

Sophmore Sponsor/Lead Teacher

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