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Study Skills 2nd Quarter

TimeNov. 03, 2011

from:Hutt, Tricia

to:Study Skills


We will be learning how to do a research paper during 2nd quarter.  Our class has moved up to the computer lab.  We will be doing the bulk of our paper in class. However, whatever the students do not finish in class will become homework.  So, there are a few items your student will need for this project: 

1.  a thumbdrive (to save work and be able to transport information back and forth from home to school)

2. 3x5 notecards

3.  a report cover 

I have given the students a deadline sheet.  This is a big project and any help you can give at home would be much appreciated.  Thank you!  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Tricia Hutt