Reminder of due dates for 7th & 8th Grade Art Assignments

from:Sims, Cindy

to:Art 7 & 8

Time Oct. 08, 2013

Past due dates were: On Oct.1st  your smocks were due. If you still need one I have some left. Your unfinished photos were due to me on Oct.1st on a : Thumb Drive, Memory Card, or Disc.                                                                                              Future due dates are: On Oct.15th your final photo is due it should be a standard measurement (at least 8"X10"). If it is 8"X10" I will mat it for you.If you print it larger  you will be responsible for mating. The mat should be white. A few students have a number of excellent photos. I may ask you to print more than one  (you would get extra credit) but this is not required. We will have a photo show on Oct.18th durring the open house. These photos will be entered in the Fine arts competition in Jan. and in next years Deerfield Fair. Next year after the Deerfield Fair they will be available for pickup in the art room.                                                                                                          ALSO due on Oct.15th is a metal (outline style) cookie cutter (it will be returned unharmed) and/or a tennis ball. These are for a Christmas project.

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