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Student Payment Arrangements

TimeFeb. 06, 2012


to:All Students

Dear Texas Baptist College Students,

Thank you for your love and faithfulness to our dear college. I want to explain the process of the Student Payment Arrangement sheet that is available to you.
Once a student payment agreement has been made; the payment schedule that you declared, when accepted, must be kept. If you fail to keep your payment agreement then the payment missed will be spread out over the remainder of the payments. However, the next payment due must be paid in full by the sixth of the month in order to attend class. No additional Student Payment Arrangement will be allowed if the previous one was not kept. The only way an additional Student Payment Arrangement can be made if the last payment is paid in full.

I hope I have made myself clear. If not, please feel free to see me for a clarification.

Bob Gray II
Senior Pastor
Longview Baptist Temple