Class Project

TimeFeb. 21, 2012

from:Gray, Pastor

to:Personal Finance

Good morning students of Personal Finance.

I was having difficulty uploading your audio lecture. Therefore, we are going to plan B for today. One of the projects you were suppose to do the second half of the semester I have moved up to today.

Go through the Bible and list for me "Principles Concerning Riches, Momey, and/or Mammon." Please use at least 10 verses to give a biblical viewpoint of riches. This will be a 300 word essay. Scripture does not count as part of the 300 words. This is due by 3:00 today. Just email me the project.

Use your computer to search for any words that deal with money. I appreciate you and your love for the Lord. Again, your quiz this Thursday will be at the end of the lecture. Have a great day and let me know by email that you have recieved this post and understand the assignment.