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Field Trip

TimeOct. 05, 2011

from:Moose, Denise

to:All Students

Biology, Physical Science and OGW (7 Science) only

Hey there, we are trying to plan a field trip to Stone Mountain for Tuesday October 11th.  You will be receiving a permission slip tomorrow.  If your student does not bring it home, you can download a copy from thinkwave.  I will be uploading a copy to be attached for each class.

We have 35 students in all of my science classes added together.  I will be driving, as well as Mr. Renich, Mrs. Meadows and possibly Ms. Atkinson.  We will have room for only 20 students with this many drivers.  I need to see if we have any other parents who are willing to drive. If we do not have additional drivers we will not be able to attend.  Thank you so much for considering!

Please email me asap if you can drive.

Thanks again,

Miss Denise