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Make Up Work

TimeNov. 07, 2011

from:Moose, Denise

to:All Students

All make up work is due no later than Wednesday Nov. 9th!!!

If you have any missing assignments that were given between Oct. 14th and November 8th, you can turn them in for partial credit.  After November 9th a zero will be given.

Also remember that when you are looking at your grades, if the space is empty the grade for that assignment has not been entered.

An "E" means excused and you are not responsible for the assignment.  It is not figured into your grade.  If you are missing the assignment there should be an "M" in the space.  This is figured as a zero but is still eligible for making up.

After the cutoff dates a "0" will be entered into the space and the assignment is not eligible for make-up.

Please see me if you have missing assignments and we will work out a plan for you.

Miss Denise