from:Moose, Denise

to:Physical Science

Time Nov. 15, 2011

If each Student scores an 85 or higher on Quiz #8, we will have a class party on tuesday Nov. 22nd (music and games) and on Monday the 21st, we will celebrate with a Thanksgiving Feast at lunch.  Please bring the items assigned below in the morning and place them in the kitchen.  I will heat up as needed during 4th period.  If anyone can help, just let me know.

We have invited the teachers so just send a few extra helpings. 

The other classes are doing the same, so we should have PLENTY!!

I will bring the turkey and gravy, the remaining menu list appears below:

Michael - macaroni and cheese
Kishawn - 2-2liter drinks 
John A. - 2-2liter drinks
Chase - cups
Hannah - Twice Baked Potatoes
Tatum - Pumpkin Pie
Kelsey - Sweet Potatoes
Latonya - Green Beans
Tony - Plates
Alexander - Napkins
Brett - Stuffing
Abby - Dessert
Chanler - Dessert
John Vieu - Forks

If someone wants to bring rolls that would be great!!

This should be an awesome time!
Love ya, Miss Denise

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