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9th grade Home Ec Supplies for Monday 1-30-12

TimeJan. 27, 2012

from:Moose, Denise

to:Performing Arts 9th

Kishawn - 2 large cans peaches
Jacqueline - 2 large cans peaches
Audrey - 1lb (4 sticks) butter - real butter, salted
Laekan - 2 cans apple pie filling
Katie - 1 vanilla cake mix (any brand)
Samantha - 1 vanilla cake mix ( any brand)
Devin - 1 bag walnuts or pecans (shelled) - only need about 2 cups
Moriah - 2 cans cherry pie filling
Josh, Jon & Anna-  1 pie plate each (just to borrow) this item was not assigned on Wednesday, but I'm hoping you will check thinkwave and bring them.  If not, I will go at lunch and pick some up.