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TimeJan. 27, 2012

from:Moose, Denise

to:All Students

I just wanted to let you know that we are asking students to bring in items for our class.  Minimal costs will be involved, and I will do my best to spread out the items among students.

If your student does not bring in their items, they will not be able to participate in the activity, and may  affect the ability of the rest of the class to complete the activity.

At times specific items are needed.  I will let your student know if specifics are involved.  

For 8th grade, they will know no later than Monday what they are to bring for Wednesday and Wednesday for Monday.  They may know up to a week in advance.

9th graders will also know no later than Monday what items they need to bring, as well, they may know up to a week in advance.

Thank you for helping us with supplies needed.  PS - THey are already having a blast!!

Also, I will try to put up the list here in the blog section of ThinkWave.

Miss Denise