Change/Instructions for the Final - Open Book

from:Moose, Denise

to:All Students

Time May 15, 2012

Due to the need for calculating final grades for awards, I will be incorporating Quiz 24 into the  Final.  The Final will be posted Thursday morning instead of Tuesday.

THE FINAL IS OPEN BOOK - Therefore, I expect answers to be complete and thorough.

The final is 200 questions.  Each question is worth 1 point.  Therefore the final is worth 200 points.

Please take this opportunity to boost your grade.

Parents, please monitor your student as they take the final.  They cannot receive ANY help from you.  
Please print the final, make sure they do not have a phone or other communication device available, and be present as they take it.  As you know it is due on Thursday.  You can upload it to TW, email it to me, or bring it to the MCA Lower School location at Riverlife Fellowship Church located at 2487 Charlotte Hwy, in Mooresville (HWY 21).

Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 24th!!


Mrs. Moose

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