It's October, are you on point?

from:Allen, Myra

to:College Prep Seminar

Time Oct. 01, 2011

With the first set of admissions deadlines looming, October promises to be a busy month for local high school students preparing to go to college.

Action Plan:

  • Pull Your Applications Together
  • Narrow your list of colleges to approximately five to eight, and review it with your counselor. Get an application and financial aid info from each.
  • Visit as many as possible.
  • Make a master calendar and note: Test dates, fees and deadlines, College application due dates Required financial aid applications and their deadlines
  • Recommendations, transcripts and other necessary materials
  • Your high school's deadlines for application requests, such as your transcript
  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Give each person your resume, a stamped and addressed envelope, and any required forms.
  • Write application essays and ask teachers, family members and friends to read first drafts.

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