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Quote of the day

TimeOct. 05, 2011

from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

No one ever excused his way to success. ~Dave Del Dotto

Good Afternoon All! This week at PDA we have been focusing on the topic of excuses. Each morning I have the privilege of sharing, inspiring and challenging our scholars with quotes and life lesson thoughts that they can apply to their everyday life.

As we continue with this week's theme, here are a few thoughts I wanted to share with our scholars: Finding the power from within to claim responsibility for your life and success, as well as moving toward fulfilling your goals and dreams, can be both frightening and overwhelming. It's only when you realize your potential for greatness, however, that you can do great things. Stop making excuses and be the powerful person YOU are!

~Ms. Myra Allen
School Administrator
Princeton Day Academy
Imagine... Dream... Believe... Achieve