How to STOP making excuses

from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Time Oct. 06, 2011

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden famously had three rules for success he demanded of his basketball players. “Do not whine, do not complain and do not make excuses.” These rules are not just designed to bring success in basketball; they are designed to set up a mentality that helps you succeed in all areas of life. Making excuses is one of the most powerful things to limit your success in life. Making excuses means you never confront a problem and take responsibility, ensuring it is never solved. You merely look at it through a different lens and justify failure for an external reason.

  1. Decide what the final outcome you desire is and recognize when you are making excuses
  2. Take responsibility and always look in the mirror as an initial reaction. There is an old saying that rings true: "Things are not how they are, they are how we perceive them to be.” People who make excuses see problems and blame some other person or external event for why it happened. This may protect your ego and give you justification when people ask why you did not succeed. It will not help you succeed
  3. Be persistent when failure comes along and keep fighting. You do not always have to justify and make excuses for failing

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