from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Time Oct. 09, 2011

This week at Princeton Day our focus theme is "Choices"......

"You are the product of the choices you make..."
Wayne Dyer

Life is all about choices. We create our life with our thoughts and the choices we make. Each choice leads to a consequence. We create our own possibilites. We are making choices all the time; so we have to learn to be careful and make responsible decisions - since they will be affecting our lives in a negative or positive way. We have to learn to act in a responsible manner if we want our lives to be better and more fulfilling. If we act irresponsibly, we will pay the consequences. We are responsible for what happens to us!

We all have the ability and the freedom to make choices... make the right ones!

  • Consider other people's feelings and reactions and the consequences that your choices will have.
  • Our choices affect our self-esteem!

Life can be an adventure if you make the right choices and become a positive thinker. Just do your best and listen to your heart.

So... CHOOSE to be aware!


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