Character Traits of Highly Motivated & Successful People

from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Time Oct. 20, 2011

Character Traits

Motivation is a powerful tool for success. The degree to which you can remain motivated and continue to make forward progress determines whether you realize the life goals that you establish. But the reward for being motivated isn’t just raw goal accomplishment. The accompanying benefits of being motivated are numerous - and they can change your life.

When you fully understand these benefits of motivation, you can make motivating yourself a lifelong habit. Take a look at the following motivating traits and choose which ones (or all) can help you:

1. Creativity: Motivated people think more clearly. They focus more intellectual resources on their current project, and the result is more creativity.

2. Energy: People who are motivated actually need less sleep - not because they’re on a constant adrenaline rush but because they possess a genuine, energizing excitement.

3. Flexibility: Motivated folks have discovered that flexibility is a developed skill that doesn’t depend on circumstances. When their circumstances change, they’re more open to bending to deal with the situation rather than being rigid about an outcome.

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What's Your Motivation?

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