to:All Students

Time Oct. 21, 2011

Wanted to update you with the latest on all things PDA ...

Weekly Theme Update

We wrapped a great week on the theme of Motivation and are "storming" into next week where we will explore the theme of Possibilities.

Get Down to Business Friday Update

All of our scholars who showed-up to school today and who were dressed-for-success went to a free business lunch today.

We saw suits, dresses, ties and every level of business attire this morning and are pleased that so many scholars gave their best while showing true PDA school spirit.

Next weeks Dress Friday - Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Report Cards

First-quarter report cards will be released on November 9 and all final tests, assignments and extra-credit are due by midnight on November 8th (Monday night/Tuesday morning).

Surprise Announcement

Stay tuned for a special announcement coming live, next Monday. We have been working hard to make this announcement a reality and it allow us to offer an even higher level of service to our Scholars and their families.

Scholars of the Week

And now, for our weekly update of PDA Scholars who continue to amaze and achieve at the highest level.

College Prep Seminar: Alexus Davis, Allese Morrison, Aaron Kennedy-White, Breanna Savoy, Michael Scott, Cleve Stewart, Destinee Tunstall

Computer Science: Jace Ebanks, Aaron Kennedy-White, Allese Morrison, Elizabeth Pope, Anthony Rivers, Breanna Savoy, Cleve Stewart, Destinee Tunstall

English: Emannuel Orji, Phillip Roy, II, Gerald Rodriguez, Cleve Stewart

Mathematics: Jace Ebanks, Aaron Kennedy-White, Anthony RIvers, Gerald Rodriguez, Breanna Savoy, Michael Scott

Science: Jace Ebanks, Aaron Kennedy-White, Elizabeth Pope, Anthony RIvers, Destinee Tunstall

Social Studies: Emannuel Orji

U.S. History: Anthony Rivers

Girls Basketball

Please make it a point to come out and support the Lady Storm this weekend as they square-off against local rival Riverdale Baptist.

The game tips at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday at the Capital Sports Complex.

Have a great weekend and,

Go Storm!


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