Our Potential...what we must know for sure


from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Time Nov. 02, 2011

Each week a Princeton Day we select a theme to focus on, this week our theme is "Unleasing your potential".

Potential "what is to be", or shall we say the "possibility". Potential describes the possibilities of average people, to accomplish extraordinary results, in whatever they choose to pursue. Within each person lies potenial, there are talents and gifts you have not even touched, as you continue on your journey of life, the potential that is within each of you will begin to reveal itself layer by layer........

We all have amazing potential, but not everyone has figured out how to bring that potential to the surface. And, that really is the key. The difference between someone who is moving in the right direction and someone who seems to always be off course is not the presence of ability and potential, but the understanding of how to appropriately utilize their abilities and tap into their potential.

It can seem too good to be true … but, it’s not. We convince ourselves we have to be realistic with what we seek to accomplish… but, why?

Think about those amazing people who were able to get their limiting beliefs out of the way and tap into their potential … writers, musicians, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, actors, the list goes on and on.

While we each have our path and something unique we can accomplish and contribute to the world, the process for being able to accomplish our dreams is the same for everyone and the first thing we must do is find our way to the truth that we do have amazing potential!

To Discover Your True Potential, Is To Soar As An Eagle, and Beyond.


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