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"What do "I" bring to the table"?

TimeNov. 07, 2011

from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Happy Monday!

This week our theme at Princeton day is' What do I bring to the table"? 

Everyone has a "certain something" they bring to the table. The table I am speaking about is a metaphor for "what value do you add" to an organzation, school, and/or relationship. Like each part of the body has a function, who you are and your unique qualities, gifts and talents have a function.  In order for any relationship to work and to grow, we must operate in that "something"  When you try and be someone else or operate outside of your true gifts and talents this can cause a malfunction. As we embark upon this journey this week. Take time to think about what you bring, what makes you stand out and what can you add to PDA that will take us to the next level! 

Who are you? What will you bring if given an opportunity?