Weekly Theme....Will you change by choice, chance, or circumstance?


from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Time Nov. 14, 2011

This week our theme at Princeton Day  Academy is....."Will you change by choice, chance, or circumstance"?

As the story goes, some people make things happen, some have things happen to them and others just say 'What happened?'.

But when things happen, changes follow If you think about it, there are probably three main drivers behind most of the changes we face in business, and in much of life: Choice, Chance and Crisis.

Some people choose to change in a way and at a time of their own making. They have prepared for the change, explored all their options and probably even created a specific climate in which their intended change is most likely to be successful. They choose to change.

For others, luck has more to do with their decision to change something. Perhaps an unusual event, a chance meeting, or a decision by someone else, has created the circumstances which encouraged a change. An opportunity has fallen in their lap, but at least they recognised it and capitalised on it.

For a third group, an impending crisis is the only thing which will cause any change. Their experience of change is rarely positive because of their reluctance to recognise risks or opportunities early enough to prepare and make the best of a situation. By the time this group considers change, they have little choice and few options.

How do you approach change? Think about whether you tend to change through choice, chance or circumstances. Are you waiting for a crisis before you make inevitable changes? Are you actively looking for opportunities? Are you exploring all your options, and planning and preparing to change by choice?


                                                                    “Life is a sum of all your choices.”

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