Storm Awards / Report Card Update


to:All Students

Time Nov. 16, 2011

We have settled nicely into our new digs and welcome everyone to come out and visit - especially next Friday at 11:30 a.m. when we are hosting our annual Thanksgiving celebration.

First quarter report cards have been distributed and all of our scholars know that the second quarter will bring new challenges and new opportunities for success.

Our overall school GPA is 3.12 with nearly 75% of our scholars earning academic honors status, 63% earning 3.5 GPAs and above and 26% with 4.0+ GPAs.

Our Storm Award ceremony was a smashing success as we honored scholars who achieved at the highest level:

Headmaster's Scholars: 4.0 GPA and Above

Aaron Kennedy White - 12th grade

Allese Morrison - 12th grade

Anthony Rivers - 10th grade

Michael Scott - 12th grade

Destinee Tunstall - 11th grade

Administrator's Scholars: 3.0 - 3.99 GPA

Essence Brown - 10th grade

Alexus Davis - 12th grade

Jace Ebanks - 10th grade

Emmanuel Orji - 9th grade

Elizabeth Pope - 12th grade

Breanna Savoy - 12th grade

Cleve Stewart - 12th grade

Tyonna Teamer - 12th grade

Jamaal Williams - 12th grade

Storm Scholar of the Quarter

Anthony Rivers - 10th grade

Congratulations to our scholars and teaching staff on an outstanding start to the school year.

Go Storm!


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