Dr. Glasper's Reminder About Homework Assignment


from:Glasper, Dr. Kevin

to:Cultural Studies

Time Dec. 07, 2011

Good mornning class, unfortunately there will be no class today. Please review your notes political culture and political socialization that we have covered in class. I will review the information that we covered this past Monday on Friday, December 9th since we did not have a full class. Also on Monday, December 12th you will have a quiz/test so it is in your best interest to study scholars!

Thanks and see you on Friday.

Dr. Glasper



Hey class, I wanted to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving! I also wish this to my colleagues at Princeton Day Academy and their families.

I also wanted to remind you about your homework assignment. I have posted the assignment that will provide you more details in the assignment section. You are supposed to research the comparisons and differences between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street Movement and return prepared to discuss it orally on Nov. 28th. There is a also a typewritten paper component as well.

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