from:Allen, Myra

to:College Prep Seminar

Time Nov. 27, 2011

Find the Right Fit!

Find out what kind of school is the best match for you and your career goals.

•What's the right match? The kind of college you choose to attend should reflect your goals and your personality. Whether you choose a public, private, community, technical, trade or even online college, make sure it's the best match for you.

•Big or small? Do you want to attend a big university with more choices of studies and social activities, but also larger lecture classes? Or would you like fewer choices but more personal attention and a better chance to stand out? You decide.

•Home or away? Attending a local college versus boarding out of state - what's better? It depends. For some, residence hall life is an important part of the college experience, but commuting from home is less expensive.

•Which major works? Figuring out what you like doing most, plus what you're best at, can point to the careers you should consider - and what majors will help you reach your career goal.

•Why extras matter. Getting into extracurricular activities outside of class - band, science club, the school newspaper, drama or even volunteering - helps you discover what your real interests are and where you're heading.

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