Princeton Day Academy Science Fair Project

from:Jointer, Kimberly

to:All Students

Time Nov. 30, 2011

 All Students in science class are required to complete this project.  They will be expected to complete the entire process and will be graded on all items due as outlined below.  Rubrics will be handed out for each portion of the project and it will be discussed in detail during class.  

This project is a large part of your overall 3rd quarter grade and failure to complete it will result in a failing grade in science.  Time will be spent in class researching, however, the majority of the work should be completed at home. 
Supplies needed for this project will include a composition book, report cover, display board and any specific lab supplies needed to complete your  experiment.

Science Fair Project Dates

Wednesday 12/14  Science Fair Question/ Purpose/ Hypothesis due

Wednesday 01/04  Science Fair Materials/ Procedure due    
Wednesday 01/11  Background information/ Science Fair Log Book Check

Wednesday 01/25  Science Fair Log Book Check/
Wednesday  02/01  Bibliography Check

Wednesday  02/08   Introduction Due

Thursday 02/23  Science Project due (Display, board, formal report and log book)
    *Presentations will also occur on this day

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