SAT Tips....Night before the test!

from:Allen, Myra

to:College Prep Seminar

Time Dec. 02, 2011

So you've been studying hard for the past few months building up to your SAT test tomorrow. You've done enough SAT practice papers to last you a lifetime, and now that the last night before your freedom is here, you are at a loss to what you should do to complete your preparation. Some of your friends may decide to pull an all-nighter while others might decide to just sleep on it. Which is the better way? Well, read on for the 4 tips you can carry out to complete your SAT preparation:

Be prepared

We don't mean cramming in another last minute practice test. What we mean is you should prepare all the things you need the next morning. Set aside your wallet, mobile phone and keys on the table or near your backpack. Lay your clothes out on the dresser too so you will not waste time choosing an outfit to wear the next day. Remember to set a couple of alarms, perhaps one alarm on your clock and another on your mobile phone, to ensure that you will not oversleep. Make sure you know how to get to the test venue. If you are hitching a ride, please be sure the person is reliable enough not to show up late. Consider giving him or her a call as reminder before you go to sleep.

2) Pack your backpack

These are some of the essentials you will require for your SAT test:

* Your Admission Ticket

* At least two No. 2 pencils and an eraser

* Acceptable photo identification

* An acceptable calculator (check the College Board website for the list of acceptable calculators)

* A watch (without setting any alarm)

* A snack and bottled water

* Extra batteries (for your calculator)

3) Relax and take it easy

If you've done all that you can to prepare yourself for the test, take it easy. This is not only because you deserve it; you just really need to relax and take it easy. Being anxious and frantically revising the night before isn't going to help you. Consider some light reading or watch a film. Even if you aren't fully prepared for your SAT tomorrow, being nervous will not do you any good. Calm down and try to have some light revisions just to freshen your memory for tomorrow.

4) Have a good night sleep

The most important thing you should do before a test is getting a good night sleep, regardless of how prepared you are. Get at least eight hours worth of sleep so that you will feel fully rested and ready to tackle the paper the next day. Getting enough sleep will also help to ensure that you will not oversleep and miss the test.

Of course, don't assume that these steps will guarantee you success for your SAT test. Keep in mind that these tips will only help you put on the best performance possible for the test. Only intensive studying and sufficient practice will lead you to achieving great SAT results.

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