The limitations of technology by Kimberly Jointer (2010)

from:Jointer, Kimberly

to:All Students

Time Feb. 16, 2012

Are electronic messages and wall posts taking the place of real human contact? I suppose the creators of these technological advancements intended to enhance communication. And I contend that the speed and efficiency of communication has improved overall. How could I otherwise be made aware of 27 of my “friends” opinion on the latest episode of "The Game"? But this is a far cry from intimacy. Of course there are those that put their entire life on the web for all to see but even then it’s a show and we are merely an audience. We watch, laugh, and still lack an authentic relationship to the characters. Make no mistake, I enjoy a humorous status update, a friendly text message or instant chat as much as the next techno savvy communicator. But in a society that encourages veneers are we replacing the real with what was only meant to enhance? Do we allow people to see who we really are? Tone and feelings are often misinterpreted and even ignored while reading text messages. So if this is our main source of communication can we truly be cultivating meaningful, lasting friendships or just entertaining superficial connections with…strangers. Could it be that we are so emotionally detached that a flashing message indicator is as comforting as a hug? Do we recognize the difference? I have found no substitution for a live :) , an audible LOL or simply just being in the presence of a kindred spirit….
But  …maybe there’s an app for that.

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