from:Glasper, Dr. Kevin

to:All Students

Time Feb. 22, 2012

Hi PDA students, I am reminded of when I was in school and how I would compete with my fellow classmates in sports and in class on trying to make the best grades on the exam. I often encourage my two sons to learn how to compete in the classroom as well as in sports. It is quite okay to engage in friendly competition in the classroom as well.

You should develop a pact among your closest friends. As you graduating seniors close out your senior year; you should develop a pact which is an agreement to do something and to request the sincerity and support of others to see you through it; while at the same time they are supposed to accomplish something as well. For example, one pact or agreement could be that you will do your very best during the last quarter at PDA or you will go to college and finish and then proceed to law or graduate school. I encourage you to motivate each other and read the book called The Pact by: Drs. Davis, Hunt, and Jenkins.

The Pact is about an incredible agreement that three young African American men from Newark, New Jersey made with the odds stacked against them coming from single parent homes. Nevertheless, they made it by hard work, determination, supporting each other and I am sure many prayers. I strongly encourage you to read their book and I am surprised that a movie has not come out about these fascinating young men. In closing you should pair up with someone who you know is going somewhere and you can support and encourage one another. Let's make a pact to strive for excellence shall we!

Dr. Glasper

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