from:Glasper, Dr. Kevin

to:All Students

Time Feb. 29, 2012

As we close on Black History Month, I just wanted to remind you that every day is Black History month because we are living it. Although, I fully support the need for Black History Month because it is a sure way of passing down historical traditions and contributions from the old to the young. We need and should continue this. There are some that make the argument that we no longer need Black History because it should be embedded into American History.

The problem with that argument in my opinion is that although it is embedded in American History, it often times gets lost in the shuffle of American History and we only here about a few of our African American heroes such as Rosa Parks, Dr. King and Oprah or somebody. As we close out this month, I challenge you to continue to live Black History every day and decide right now what contributions you will make to make the next generation proud of you. We must and have to be in control of our own stories. In the words of Marcus Garvey, "Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will!"

Have a great day PDA students, faculty and administration!

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