Women's History Month...

TimeMarch 09, 2012

from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Today's spotlight in Women's History.......Barbara Jordan

If the society today allows wrongs to go unchallenged, the impression is created that those wrongs have the approval of the majority.

Barbara Jordan, born and raised in a Houston, Texas, ghetto, became active in politics working for John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1960. She served in the Texas House of Representatives and in the Texas Senate. Barbara Jordan was the first black woman to be elected to the Texas Senate. She served as a U.S. Congresswoman from 1972-1978.

In 1976 Barbara Jordan became the first African American to give a keynote address to the Democratic National Convention. After retiring from Congress, she taught at the University of Texas at Austin. The passenger terminal at Austin's international airport is named in honor of Barbara Jordan.