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Use Social Networking for Social Justice

TimeMarch 21, 2012

from:Glasper, Dr. Kevin

to:All Students

Hey PDA students, faculty and administration. I just wanted to encourage you to use social media in general and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter for more than just socializing. We have another tragic story with the unfortunate killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Everyone should know something about this case by now although it took almost a month to gain traction. It now has the attention of the nation.

We should all take a vested interest in this case because Trayvon could have been your brother, son, nephew or friend. I have two sons, so this hit me hard like any parent. We should be up in arms about this and we should Facebook, text, email and make sure that we stay up on this case. Also, we should also be equally up in arms when we have "black on black homicides." We cannot afford to be immune with black on black crime. Let's use our technology and education to mobilize and keep people informed about these issues.