Spring Time and Closing Out Strong


from:Glasper, Dr. Kevin

to:All Students

Time April 18, 2012

Hi Cultural Studies students, I wanted to welcome you back from your spring break. You know spring time is the season of new beginnings. This is why during spring you have flowers blooming and other elements coming to life. People are planning for weddings, proms and graduations.

It is also the time for new ideas and goals and you should be thinking now about your next task you need to complete. Spring forward into action to close out your school year on a positive note. For you seniors this means that you want to finish up strong and graduate on time. Your life is just beginning that's why we refer to graduation as "commencement" because it means the beginning. High school may be just about over, but the rest of your life is just beginning. I encourage you to make the best of it because this is no dress rehearsal and there are no second chances. Be encouraged and stay focus because spring is also the time when students can lose focus due to "senioritis." You know you are senior and you just don't feel like doing that last assignment or reading that last chapter. You need to finish up strong!!

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