Traits That Define Leadership Skills

from:Allen, Myra

to:All Students

Time April 20, 2012

Traits of a True Leader.....

What defines a true leader? Can leadership skills be learned? Well, given below are a few traits that all leaders have, which can be defined as leadership skills. We will touch on a few today and I will add more during the week......

1. Leaders are Emotionally Mature
School, Workplaces, and other areas in life, can often be fraught with stressful situations. Facing tough situations is an inevitable factor of life. Usually, most people react to a tough situation either by displaying frustration or by bursting out in anger or an emotional flare-up. However, leaders always display emotional maturity in every kind of situation they face. They have the skill of holding in their feelings of anger and frustration, and instead displaying calmness and emotional maturity.

2. Leaders Display Assertiveness
Leaders are characterized by their firmness and strength of purpose. They know what they want and need, and go about achieving it assertively. They are never daunted by the challenges that they have to overcome on the path to achieving their goals. They have an unwavering attitude towards the obstacles that come their way. A leader has the skill to demand and get the cooperation of his/her team assertively in order to achieve the goals set.


Never give an order that can't be obeyed."

— General Douglas MacArthur

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