For all students in Mr.Trupe's English class

from:Trupe, William

to:All Students

Time Sept. 14, 2012

I was so focused on getting the essay lesson complete that it slipped my mind to give the vocab test today, but don't worry I have not forgotten about it and your studying skills will have the chance to surface when we will have the chance to take the test on monday.


Be Prepared Next week:

For English - there are 3 tests scheduled for this week...

                       - Monday - Vocab Test

                       - Wednesday - Chapter Test on Essays

                       - Friday - Vocab Test

For Economics - There is a Test scheduled for next week

                       - Tuesday - Chapter Test on What is Economics?

                                                 (Check Sunday for Study Guide)

                       - Thursday - Begin the chapter on Budgetting


Get Excited your entering your 3rd week of school...Good Luck


Go Redskins!!!

Mr. Trupe

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