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Time Sept. 15, 2012

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Wanted to update you with the latest on all things PDA ...

Mock SAT Results

Our Mock SAT results were phenomenal!!

Brandon Dyke, 2014, scored an incredible 2200 out of a possible 2400. He notched a perfect 800 on the hardest portion, Reading, missed only two questions on the Math section for a 770 out of 800 and tallied 630 on the essay section.

This is a truly outstanding score and puts Brandon on the elite level of students nationwide.

We also have another young man who did quite well, Emmanuel Orji, 2015, who scored a super high 1890, which places him amongst the highest achieving 10th graders in America.

The trend that stood out to us the most is that across the board, the highest scores were achieved by returning PDA scholars.

The national average for the SAT - and the test our scholars took was the same exact test they'll be taking this year - is 1500 out of 2400.

Returning PDA scholars averaged 1790 on the test, which places us 290 points above the national average and a remarkable 513 points above the average for African-American students.

Our students have typically scored well which had led to many college scholarships however, this year's scores place us at the elite level with nearly 80% of our underclassmen on track for the National Merit Scholar program.

Congratulations to our scholars and teachers for their hard work, and focus.

PDA Newspaper

I have attached a copy of our school paper, the PDA Thunder, which was released today.

We are proud of our underclassmen, Brianna Brown, 2016, Zoe Price, 2015 and Chris Rauch, 2016 on producing an impressive first edition.

Go Storm!

Dr. Van W

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