from:Purcell, Mr.

to:All Students

Time Dec. 02, 2012

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 1pm.  PDA’s Cultural Studies class will assimilate a town hall debate.   This town hall debate exercise will allow our scholars to continue debating issues concerning same-sex marriage and the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana for persons 21 years or older.  The Cultural Studies’ scholars have been discussing and debating the aforementioned issues in class and researching articles and other sources of information on these issues.

I would like to invite the entire school community to participate in our town hall debate.  To that end I ask that each and every PDA parent, teacher, staff, scholar and stakeholder submit questions (THIS WEEK to  Some, if not all, of your submitted questions will be presented to our scholars on the day of the debate.  If you are able to join us on December 12th, you will be able to ask your pre-submitted question.  

Thus far, our class discussions and debates have been spirited, challenging and insightful.   It is my intent that this exercise will give our scholars another opportunity to further develop their communication skills.  In our ever-changing world I believe it is vitally important that our scholars/future leaders are able to establish their voices on the issues of the day.   If you share my belief I ask again that you please take part in this exercise.

Cheerfully Submitted,


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