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We have started to get into the nitty, gritty!

TimeAug. 15, 2012

to:All Students

We are doing all the sixth-grade subjects this week, so it is time to really pay attention to the grades.  If you have a paper that is below 69 % you may correct it for full credit.  Please keep in mind that this is a one time option, you will NOT have an unlimited time to correct papers.  My advice to you is:

1) When you have a correction paper, take it seriously!

2) Open up the book and look over the lesson.

3) Look at your notes that we took in class.

4) If you are still confused, ask for help!  Ask a friend, parent, teacher, or aide to help you fix your errors.

You will only have one week to fix a low grade paper, so make sure you watch this account and see when the data is entered.