from:Suazo, Vivianna


Time Oct. 12, 2011

Dear Students,

We had a very interesting discussion during class regarding abortion I greatly appreciate the participation from all of you.   I wanted to remind you that for our next class you should have an essay explaining what is abortion, reasons that people chose to have abortions and what programs do you feel can be created and implemented in order to avoid abortion.  I remind you as well that this essay must be 4 paragraphs in length each paragraph being of at least 7 sentences well thought out. 

  • The introduction(first paragraph) should define what abortion is and your personal opinion regarding this.  Do not only state that you are for or against it make sure to include reasons for your opinion.  For example the psychological trauma caused etc.
  • The 1st paragraph body(2nd paragraph of essay) should give reasons as to why people practice abortion.
  • The 2nd paragraph body (3rd paragraph of essay) should provide ideas for programs that you create/implement in order to avoid abortion.
  • Conclusion paragraph is the paragraph that ties all previous ones.

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