from:Suazo, Vivianna


Time Dec. 05, 2011

"Honduras is Open for Business" aims at relaunching Honduras as the most attractive investment destination in Latin America.

This event is a fundamental milestone of the National Program for Investment Promotion, which we consider is one of the most important instruments designed to effectively meet the objectives of our Nation Plan, and is linked to the need of leading an orderly and systematic social and economic development process, based on the rational and sustainable use of our most relevant potentials.

Ladies and Gentlemen look under the project index tab and explore any of the productive sectors of your interest.  Please research one of the projects under this tab and write a budget as to what you wll amply the funds and how.  This budget should include all incoming funds, all expenses of such a project.  Finalize by summarizing your objective for this program and the impact that this will cause.  The paper should be at least 3 pages long.  Remember this is for the incrementation of your grade.

This due wednesday

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