to:All Students

Time Nov. 02, 2011

Hi Students of 2B,

Hopefully you were able to log in to Thinkwave and are able to see your grades for Mid Term.

Please remember the password you used to log on to Thinkwave.

To access your Classroom Exercises, they are on Moodle. Just log in and go to Visual Arts and click on the Drawing Course.

To access your Homework or read important notices please log on to Schoolrack as usual. The new code for Form 2 Group is:


I have left you two notes on Form 2's Wall. 

  Again remember the password to log in to Schoolrack. A good hint is to keep the same password as your email account for both Thinkwave and Schoolrack. So if you want reset your passwords.

Don't forget to check
1.Moodle - for Class Exercises
2.Think Wave - for Grades and Attendance
3.Schoolrack - Posts, Notes and Homework assignments to Email written assignments
5.Coming soon Shutterfly - where we share pictures of our artwork and field trips (pictures of Form 1 Field Trip to 'Create With Me' to come soon).

Okay! Let us use the technology to communicate, do research and have fun exploring artworks of others and sharing yours as well.

All the best this year.

Ms. Barker

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