4th Quarter Home Stretch!


to:Reading 8th grade

Time April 04, 2012

During this last and finial quarter we will be working on the following skills...

Fact and Opinion

Identifying Author's Purpose

Interpreting Figurative Language


Some Reminders!

3rd Round of HSA testing to begin Mid April

    Some test taking tips:

    - Eat Breakfast

    - Get a good nights rest

    - Take your time on the test. You can take as long as you want. So pace your self.

    - During the test: Take a break if you need to

    - Re read questions and double check your answers in the passage before clicking on the answer.

    - You will not be able to go back to your answer if you have logged out for 20 mintues or more.


Holiday's- NO SCHOOL

March 26: Prince Kuhio Day

April 6: Good Friday



May 24th


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