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End of the 1st 9 Weeks - Update

TimeOct. 14, 2011

to:All Students

As of the end of school today, all grades have been posted with the exception of EXAMS.  At the end of the day tomorrow, all scores will be posted.

You'll notice a "work ethic" TEST grade in each of your student's subjects.  This is NOT a citizenship grade.  This is a cumulative score that will reflect how DILIGENTLY your student has worked - if they turn in their homework, participate in class, and and put good effort and quality into their work, they will receive a high grade.  The lowest grade that anyone will receive is a 70.  Your child's good work efforts have not gone unnoticed!

Check your e-mail in the next few days for an update on some POSITIVE changes that will be coming as I work to help your student become more RESPONSIBLE!