Grammar Packets DUE Wednesday, 2/8


to:All Students

Time Feb. 03, 2012

Grammar, like vocabulary development, is a subject that is best modeled through reading the written word and by practicing the art of writing.

Workbook activities focusing on memorization has the inherent danger of blurring of the ultimate goal of literacy and passion and can easily overshadow the languages arts.  

While grammar and vocabulary workbooks are useful to support development and understanding by reinforcing what is discovered through reading and writing, they are, perhaps more significantly, a terrific opportunity to teach students the value of paced learning—learning in small bits regularly is way more effective than cramming larger chunks of information into the brain the night before a due date or exam!  

For *full time students (grades 3 to 8), Mrs. Hessing delivers a grammar lesson and prepares follow up gramar assignments that are to be completed five days per week. These foundational worksheets should take no more than 15 minutes per day  and so, often students will tackle all five assignments on Tuesday night before the packet is due. This "cramming" defeats the purpose of the assignement which is to allow the student's brain to retain the information long term.

Please help your child create a routine that will build effective, strong study habits that will transfer to all subject areas.  

*Part time writing and literature students have well established their Wordly Wise and VFCR routine and will be introduced to Easy Grammar in the next week or two. 

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