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TimeMay 01, 2012


to:All Students

Tuesday, May 1 - Reveal: Messenger our winter journal is ready to pick up if you pre-ordered a copy. If not, we have three issues left in the office for $20 each.

Wednesday, May 2 - We will be disceting hearts! Come and join the fun.

Thursday, May 3 - Poetry Films and Visual Poetry

Thursday, May 10 - We will be recording our original songs during Musicology and painting Jasper Johns style!

Tuesday, May 22 - Thursday, May 23 is IOWATesting! Parents, please submit a $50 payment no later than May 10. 

Thursday, May 24th - Salon des Artistes

Thursday, June 7 - Promotion / Graduation and Celebration Brunch


Final Exams:

5/24 - HS History

6/4 - HS Lit./Comp. and HS Creative Writing

6/5 - Primary, Elementary, MS Writing Exam

6/6 - Science Final Exam


Final Report Cards and Transcripts are not available until June 30th.