to:All Students

Time Sept. 04, 2012

As we begin a new school year, we are attempting to step back and survey the big picture to find areas that need revision or just slight tweaking for consistency and efficiency. 

One area that we would like to adjust is our lunchtime practices.  In the past students have been allowed to eat anywhere on school grounds, and there has been no schedule for eating versus playground time.  Consequently, lunch bags and food have been left all over stairwells and work surfaces as students, anxious to get in some play time, have abandoned half-eaten lunches to pursue activities and interaction before class time resumed. 

We want to be sure that students eat their lunches to fuel their brains for continued study and get in some much needed play time.  We also want students to learn to be good stewards of the facility that has been provided to us and to set a good example of personal responsibility in clean -up to the younger eyes that are watching them. 

Lunch periods will begin with hand washing in an attempt to reduce the spread of illness that is so common in close settings such as ours.  All students will be asked to sit outside at the picnic table or table and chairs areas to eat their lunch during the first 15 minutes of the lunch period. (weather permitting) At the end of that 15 minute period, students will be required to clean up their eating space and put away their lunch boxes etc... And then they will be free to move onto the playground for fun and activity.  We will 
have the students wash hands again before rejoining the classroom. 

Our daily lunch monitors will be making sure that these new practices are followed.
Please discuss these changes with your student before school begins on Monday, September 10th to ensure a smooth transition into this new school year.

Thank you,

Cathi Unruh

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