Mondays at the Guild


to:All Students

Time Sept. 10, 2012

Spanish - Our Middle School and High School apprentices will meet for an hour of instruction with Mrs. Unruh first thing. ¡Qué bueno, qué bueno!

Language Arts

Literature Circles for Primary, Elementary, and Middle School apprentices are a featured Monday event. During workshops aprentices discuss the previous section's reading and are provided room to begin the reading and response work for the next section. 

Middle School Honors and High School apprentices will meet with Mrs. Bredberg in the Great Room for Lit./Comp. and Creative Writing.

All apprentices - Spelling and VFCR exams are on Mondays.

Math - On Mondays not only do we provide a silent period for math, but we are pleased that our Life of Fred Groups will begin to meet. 

Geography - Miss Lori will be guiding our apprentices on a wonderful ongoing exploration of geography on Mondays.

Piano Lessons - Vanessa, Charis, trinity, Moriah, Raymond, Elyse, Judah

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