Welcome Waterhouse Academy

Thursdays at the Guild

TimeSept. 13, 2012


to:All Students

Devotional & Chapel- Please arrive on time for Pastor Causly's expedition through God's Word! Have your Moral Compass ready and get set for a tremendous adventure! 

Arts - Guild Arts will connect domains as we step back in time to explore Medieval Arts and attempt to build a bridge—Visually, Dramatically, and Musically—to the 21st century. 

Math - On Thursdays, math is completed in the afternoon. REMINDER: Students should watch a lesson and complete practice exercises Thursday after school for Friday, finish that lesson on Friday, and then watch a new lesson plus complete the practice problems on Friday or saturday or Sunday for Monday. 

Language Arts - Time is carved Thursday afternoons to press into LA Foundations—Literature, Spelling, Phonics, VFCR, and Grammar.

Spanish - Apprentices are encouraged to focus on Spanish as time permits.