Welcome Waterhouse Academy

Items for Monday 9/17

TimeSept. 17, 2012


to:All Students

P.E. and Dance Class

Student Permission slips for P.E. and Dance Class must be signed in order to participate.  See Cathi Unruh on Monday to obtain document.


Student I.D. Cards

Student I.D. Photos will be taken on Monday morning. The cost is $8.50 per student.  Cards are not required but suggested for 4th grade and up.   Please see email for order form and further details.


Tardy Policy 

No Tardy fees for week #1, but fees will apply week #2. Thank you for being on time!


Be sure to read this blog regulary. This week, check in daily!

Please be sure to scroll through Week #1 posts for an overview of onging Guild activities.


Here's to a terrific Week #2!